Thought you were getting a quad-core BlackBerry smartphone this year with the A-Series? We’ve already discussed how that’s not happening. If you were hoping one day for an octo-core BlackBerry within the next year then you were really dreaming.

Qualcomm, the company behind the Snapdragon chipsets used in the last few generations of BlackBerry devices, has said that octo-core mobile chips are “dumb”.

Speaking at a Q&A session Qualcomm SVP and marketing headman Anand Chandrasekher said, “When you can’t engineer a product that meets the consumers’ expectations, maybe that’s when you resort to simply throwing cores together – that is the equivalent of throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. That’s a dumb way to do it, and I think our engineers aren’t dumb.”

Despite competitors MediaTek and Samsung venturing into the octo-core chip market with ‘True Octo-Core’ and ‘Exynos 5 Octa’, Qualcomm doesn’t believe they’re necessary. “We don’t believe the best experience is defined by the number of cores,” Chandrasekher said. “That’s actually a very silly way to think about delivering the capabilities that the consumer needs.”

Interestingly, this ‘experience’ seems to be the same argument for the BlackBerry Z30 ‘A-Series’ and Motorola smartphones who will ship with only dual-core processors. “You can’t take eight lawnmower engines, put them together and now claim you have an eight-cylinder Ferrari,” said Chandrasekher.

via Register