Research In Motion have yet to release a docking station for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Yes, we’ve seen a rapid charge stand, but that’s been it so far. BlackBerry Czech have apparently gotten their hands on what is said to be RIM’s upcoming OEM docking station for the PlayBook.

It is said the docking station will offer full-size USB ports (they reportedly have to be up to 3), RJ-45 input (Ethernet to plug-in Internet directly) and HDMI. So, there are many indications that the next edition of the PlayBook OS will also introduce a system support for USB host. Additionally, it is said that the docking station will have a Wireless Receiver equipped for making/receiving calls on your tablet.

Check out the second photo below. What do you think of this docking station. Have you been waiting for RIM to release something like this for your PlayBook?