The other day when the beta version of the Android app player for the BlackBery PlayBook leaked out, we showed you a how-to walk-through to install Android .APK files. Our friend JD at BBH-Plus has worked his magic and implemented a one-click install for Android apps to the Android app player of the PlayBook.

All that you have to do is make sure your PlayBook is in development mode (like you would to side-load .bar files), enter in your PlayBooks information, select the Android app .APK files, make sure the Android app player is open on your PlayBook, and then click install. If all goes well, you’ll get a pop-up message letting you know the files were successfully installed.

This makes for the easiest way to install 3rd party apps to the Android app player. If they don’t first appear, go to a different section of the Android app player. Once you swipe back, the homescreen should have refreshed and the newly loaded Android apps icons will appear. Give a big shout out to @theiexplorers for his awesome work!