Following the wildly popular OnePlus One, the OnePlus company has its successor ready for launch. For the OnePlus 2, the invite system will be used once more.

In order to be able to get your hands on the OnePlus 2, you’ll have to register and hope that you’re picked to get an invite.

“When a OnePlus 2 is born, it’s assigned an invite to help it find its home. Launching a second flagship product to an exponentially larger community brings a whole set of new challenges, and invites will help us manage them,” says the OnePlus 2 invite website.

“We’ve said it before and it will always hold true – we’re committed to bringing amazing products and services to every OnePlus user. To provide the best OnePlus experience and keep risk low, we’re launching the OnePlus 2 using invites.”

If you do receive an invite, you’ll have 24hrs to use it for the purchase of a OnePlus 2. If you’re interested in getting a OnePlus 2, head over to their invite subscribe site here.