Shafiq Qaadri, a member of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament, doesn’t seem to be a member of Team BlackBerry. Earlier this month he submitted a proposal in which he claimed the use of the Canadian manufactured smartphone was, “handicapping and retarding,” members of the legislature.

His proposal was essentially requesting that the government allow its employees to use other phones besides BlackBerry devices. This led to his claims, which have been scorned by media, politicians, and even CEO John Chen himself.


“Whereas the Legislative Assembly has for years maintained a BlackBerry-only policy is a valiant effort to buy Canadian, but this approach is handicapping, retarding and penalizing MPPs, their staff and indeed all members of the legislative community.” These are the words from Qaadri’s proposal that are drawing tons of scrutiny and ridicule.

John Chen posted a response to Qaadri’s statement on Inside BlackBerry last week where he called for a formal apology. “We are dismayed‎ by Mr. Qaadri’s behavior that reflects poorly on all of Canada – and especially to Canadians with disabilities who are incredible contributors to the nation.”