With smartphones rapidly replacing feature phones, mobile data usage as increased.  This is especially pronounce in Asia, where smartphone growth is in the hundreds of percent. Despite Nokia having a dominant role in the Asian mobile market, BlackBerry has a strong presence when it comes down to smartphones, suggesting that there is significant growth in BlackBerry smartphones sales and usage.  With BlackBerry smartphones being especially popular in Vietnam, Indonesia and other South-east Asian countries, the use of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini browsers has correspondingly increased.

As an example, in Indonesia, the number of Opera Mini users has increased by 460%.  In July alone, over 205 million people in Asia have used the Opera Mini or Mobile browser.

With RIM’s new efforts to introduce entry-level smartphones into Asia such as the BlackBerry Curve 9220, 9310, and 9320, BlackBerry usage is set to grow using the BlackBerry 7 platform until BlackBerry 10 smartphones can be introduced.

Source: Opera