I’m not one to be organizing, if you saw my room you’d agree 100% with that. But when it comes to smartphones and tablets, I can’t have all my apps just laying around, living freely among each other. When I got my Torch 9850 and my PlayBook the second thing I did, after downloading a bunch of apps, was organize them in categories, each one being a folder. Productivity apps, utilities, social networks, instant messaging, games and more.

You would be surprised to see how having your apps organized with folders makes them more accessible and helps you find anything a lot faster. Here’s how you setup folder on your BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook:

On your BlackBerry running OS 6+, go to the homescreen and press the Menu key. From here, you’ll see an option that says “Add Folder“, tap that. If you’re BlackBerry is running OS5 or earlier versions, you will first have to go to the applications screen by pressing the Menu button. Once there, press Menu again and you’ll see the “Add Folder” option here.

You’ll be prompted a new dialog asking for the name of the folder, which could be anything you want depending on how you would like to organize your apps. You can also change the folder icon take make it more personalized and easier to know which apps you keep in each folder.

After you create a folder, you add apps to it by choosing the app, pressing Menu key and then “Move to Folder”. If you’re on a touch device, you can long press the app and you’ll be prompted with options. Here, select “Move to Folder”.


If you’d like to do the same on your BlackBerry PlayBook, simply long press on any app until you they all start zooming in and out and you see the small delete button on the top left corner.

Then drag the app and place it on top of another app you want to keep in the same folder. This should automatically create it for you and prompt for a folder name. After the folder is created, simply drag any app you want  into that folder.

And that’s it! Now you have a better view of which apps you have, where they are and what you need.