We recently reported on the new Amazon Fire Kindle tablet that closely resembles the BlackBerry PlayBook. The Amazon Fire Kindle is even made by the same manufacturer as the PlayBook. Ironically enough, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos is said to have loved his BlackBerry so much he used the device for inspiration for the original Kindle form factor.

A hardware designer on the first Kindle told the NY Times Bits Blog that:

Jeff Bezos would come into our design meetings and say he loved his BlackBerry and the ease with which he could find e-mails and respond to people. That’s why the first Kindle was so boxy, had the funky square keyboard and that strange scroll wheel on the side; it was all inspired by Jeff’s BlackBerry.”

So now you know why the original Kindle may have looked a little like those BlackBerrys of the day. It makes us scratch our head even further as to why Amazon would do it a second time by copying the PlayBook. Do you think it has helped Amazon by slightly copying the BlackBerry design?

via Gizmodo