That really badass looking DJ app called Pacemaker we saw demoed at BlackBerry World is finally making its official debut. Pacemaker says they first tried many Android tablets until they discovered the PlayBook. The QNX operating system allowed Pacemaker to build a DJ app with zero latency, which is crucial for a DJ during performances. It is such a powerful app even the Martinez Bros. used it during their performance at the BlackBerry World party in Orlando at Universal Studios.

Features of Pacemaker include:

  • Auto beatmatch – Instantly sync tempo and phase of two tracks by clicking the Sync button.
  • Scratch – Put the needle on the record and scratch like the Grandmaster.
  • Time stretch – Alter and set the tempo of a track ± 100% without affecting pitch/key.
  • Pitch speed – Alter track tempo ± 100% and pitch/key ± one octave in parallel.
  • Pitch bend – Nudge a track into phase.
  • Loop – Create synchronized loops on the fly; set and adjust in-point and/or end-point, split from in-point or end-point, double from in-point or end-point, exit loop and re-loop.
  • Loop travel – Turn on Loop travel and hear the funky sound of a small loop traveling along the sound wave.
  • Reverse – Flip playback direction
  • Cue play – Play track from cue point and revert to cue point when releasing cue button.
  • Set cue point – Search and define starting point of a track with precise control.
  • DJ pause – A stuttering micro loop lets you listen, search and set cue point.
  • FX – Add and adjust single parameter audio effect Hi-cut/Lo-cut ± 1.0.
  • Beat FX – Add and adjust two-parameter audio effects Echo and Roll to dry/wet + 0–100% and Beat at 1/8-8, and Reverb to dry/wet and size to + 0–100%.
  • Kill-all – Instantly mute or re-engage activated audio effects.
  • Track EQ – Temporarily adjust equalization of loaded tracks.
  • Crossfader – Dynamically adjust the output blend between the two channels.
  • Split output – Split output and listen to one track in the headphones while another track is playing in the speakers. All you need is the Griffin DJ Cable.
  • Headphones crossfader – Dynamically adjust what channel blend to listen to in the phones.
  • Halt – Pause everything and continue when ready.
  • Master headphones volume – Adjust volume for headphones output.
  • Gain – Temporarily adjust gain level of loaded track.

Pacemaker is available in two variations, Lite for $4.99 and the full edition for $19.99, both available in BlackBerry App World.