BlackBerry Bridge is also available for BlackBerry 10. In this tutorial we’ll explain how to pair your BlackBerry Z10 to a PlayBook via Bridge.

Using BlackBerry Bridge allows you to use the BlackBerry Z10 or any BlackBerry device as a remote control with trackpad and typing capabilities.


Additionally, you can use your BlackBerry z10 as a presenter for easily cycling through slides of a presentation. Here’s how to connect your BlackBerry Z10 to a PlayBook with Bridge.

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Ensure that both your BlackBerry Z10 and the PlayBook have Bluetooth turned on. You can find the bluetooth on/off toggle by swiping down from the top of the Z10. On the PlayBook, you’ll see the Bluetooth icon in the top bar, sitting next to the WiFi icon.

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Navigate to the settings area. There you will find the BlackBerry Bridge section. Once there you will see a button for setup. Upon clicking this you’ll enter your tablets name and it then prompts you to scan the PlayBook’s QR code.

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On your BlackBerry Z10 open the BlackBerry Bridge application. If you haven’t already downloaded it, get it from BlackBerry World here.

Once you open BlackBerry Bridge, it will allow you to scan the QR code that is displayed on your BlackBerry PlayBook.

In the event that you must do a manual pairing, it will display a code on each device. You are prompted to confirm that the codes match on the Z10 and PlayBook. Then proceed to connect.

After you are successfully connected you can toggle BlackBerry Bridge on and off via the application. Or disconnect your BlackBerry Z10 via the PlayBook.