Dave from BBThemes let us know that his PaperPlane game for the BlackBerry PlayBook has reached over half a million throws. To celebrate he has decided to make PaperPlane for free. His official word:

We are very happy to announce that today PaperPlane for the BlackBerry PlayBook passed the half a million throw milestone. To celebrate this, we have decided to make PaperPlane free until the end of this week (sunday 24/07/2011). Please note that we have already changed the price to free in BlackBerry Appworld, however sometimes changes may take up to 24 hours to show, this may also occur to images for PaperPlane as we have added new images. We wish to thank you and all of our customers for your continuing support.”

You can get PaperPlane for free in App World. let us know how far you can throw!