I have news for you guys that you may not know. BlackBerry is in trouble. Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Our favorite company and smart phone maker has been losing customers left and right for several years now. You may be wondering why anyone would ditch a device that was so monumental in the creation of the smart phone market; I know I have wondered it myself. While having a conversation on BBM a couple days ago, I was told a very compelling and down right convincing argument by a friend. After receiving permission from Jon, I decided I would share his logic with all of you.

Jon posted on his Twitter not too long ago that he really wanted a Samsung Note 3. Knowing he was a huge BlackBerry fan, I immediately questioned him. A day later, we had the following conversation on BBM.  [Disclaimer: The views expressed below do not necessarily reflect those of N4BB or any of its affiliates and staff.]

Jon: Well if you are dating a girl and she’s always late what do you do? You really like her but what do you do because it’s annoying? She’s not like 10 or 15 minutes late. Sometimes it’s like 1-2 hours and sometimes more. What do you do?

Me: Buy her a watch?

Jon: LOL

Me: How does this turn into you getting a  *shudder* phablet?

Jon: Well answer and I’ll tell you.

Me: Ask her why shes’s always late and find a compromise.

Jon: What happens if she promises to make it better and it’s still just as bad? There’s still potential, but it’s not getting better.

Me: You have to decide if it’s a deal breaker or not. Is it a big enough issue to where you want to end things, or do you like her enough to keep working with her on it. Cost/benefit.

Jon: This was my parable.

Me: Ohhhhh I get it!

Jon: So the girl is BlackBerry and I’m me. I’ve been with BlackBerry persistently for 8 years. Loyal and always having to make it work. I was the only one trying. BlackBerry failed to deliver or delivered late. Late in everything. That’s one reason why I haven’t written on PocketBerry since July I think. And with BBM launch initially being a fail, that was horrible.
That was the equivalent  of me wanting to introduce the love of my life to my whole family. Family she hasn’t me and all my friends and co-workers and everything, and for her not to show up? It was heartbreaking.
I’ve been teased by other platforms and I have used Android and Windows and other platforms as secondary phones since I worked for [redacted phone company].
Plus all the other stuff that has been going on with them. Ending the Fan of the Month group. The Elite programs and how some of them get treated and how the bloggers get treated…The BBM thing is going good, but you’re not seeing the BBM connect in affect and with the statement of not getting Instagram and some other apps are huge. Deal breakers. Instagram isn’t really interested in designing for BlackBerry. The clients that they care coming out for BlackBerry are dumb. I shouldn’t have to spend $3 to have Instagram, or the free one in beta that doesn’t work.


Jon: My need for apps have changed and BlackBerry’s statement about their target market doesn’t fit me… I need Square. I need Instagram, Vine, and other social apps. I need surf forecast apps, banking apps, some games I want, yes, but still not a huge thing. But what I need isn’t on BB and I shouldn’t have to download and it puts me at a disadvantage when I can’t port over.
My life has changed so much bro. I’m getting into ministry full time. I’m in church 6 days a week working with various groups. Surfing is really important to me and I’ve started a surf ministry. Having apps like Square makes it easy to run mobile payments, which I can’t do on BlackBerry… It’s just bad all around. So I hit other avenues to see what’s out there. I saw the Note 3 and it fits in my hand. It has awesome features, a great camera, and the apps I need. Plus I already know how to hack it and do some other fun silly stuff.

Me: I’m not gonna lie dude; that’s the most intelligent and compelling argument I’ve ever read when it comes to a reason for switching to a new phone.

 Jon: Hey I’m an honest guy and I’ve put passion into what I love and believe in.


There you have it. I’d love to hear what you guys think. Drop me a comment below and let’s get a discussion going.