BlackBerry Natural Sound provides high-fidelity acoustic performance during cellular voice calls or during BBM Voice & Video calls through an advanced hardware & acoustic processing engine. BlackBerry launched BlackBerry Natural Sound in OS 10.2 when the BlackBerry Z30 released. Now, BlackBerry intends to refine the technology and make the BlackBerry Passport fully embrace it with its four microphones.

BlackBerry Natural Sound is comprised of two technologies: ‘ProVoice’ – Best in class full-bandwidth & stereo audio performance for BBM Voice & Video on BlackBerry 10 for any listening scenario (speaker phone, HDMI out, etc..); and ‘ProReceiver’ – Advanced acoustic processing engine that amplifies what’s important in the noisiest of environments during cellular voice calls.


  • End-to-end high fidelity full band, full duplex audio for BBM Voice & Video on BlackBerry 10
  • Leverages BlackBerry Network to ensure quality of service during poor network conditions
  • Audio quality amplified when connected to external speakers via line-out or HDMI


  • Delivers superior acoustic performance under all conditions for cellular voice calls
  • Innovative Receiver technology that adapts to the users ear in real time – Passport only
  • Advanced Receiver technology that adapts to the users ear in real time – Passport only
  • Proprietary Acoustic Engine which adjusts all audio processing blocks in real-time 

Out of the four BlackBerry devices in the 2014 roadmap, the Passport will be the only one to make full use of BlackBerry Natural Sound’s potential. Perhaps, in 2015 we will see the company release more devices that fully utilize the power of BlackBerry Natural Sound. Until then, how exciting and innovative does all of this sound for the Passport? Sound off in the comments.

Meanwhile as you wait for the Passport to release, check out this video to visually see how BlackBerry Natural Sound enhances your device phone call quality.