Today ReFocus Labs released the second version of Pastry Push for BlackBerry 10. The new version of the game brings a new season and many new features.

The 3D physics game has been further enhanced with new elements added to all the levels based on feedback from the first version. The game uses swipe gestures to slide pastries along the maze with the objective of getting the pastry to feed Monster Moko. The notable additions in the new version of Pastry Push are:

  • Added Episode 3. Fully featured with Portals and 27 new levels!
  • Added new Obstacles- Flamethrowers and Fans
  • Introducing new timed cherries
  • Added Loading Screens
  • Top status bar added, displaying the current level and the current golden cherry count
  • Tips now shown on pause menu
  • Adjusted Episode 1 and 2 with new obstacles
  • Improved performance and minor bug fixes

With 3 episodes and 81 levels the game features hours and hours of engaging gameplay, all new gameplay mechanics, the ability to collect golden cherries and score stars for each level.

Currently exclusive to BlackBerry 10, Pastry Push is also coming to Android, iOS, PC and Windows Phone in the coming weeks.

Pastry Push for all BlackBerry 10 devices is available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront, download here.