Update: There has been a misunderstanding with the Path news. They currently have no plans for a BlackBerry app, and the right words are that they “might” think about that next year, but i’ts not part of their plans and certainly not coming next year. Sorry guys!

During an interview with Indonesian TV station TV One, Path co-founder and CEO Dave Morin gave some critical insight into the company’s future plans.

Path has been on the decline as of late, but seems to be going strong in lesser known startup countries. Morin was in Indonesia to announce that Indonesia is the third most popular nation on Path with more than four million active members, which is around 20 percent.

This means one in every five Path user is from Indonesia. Not surprising, considering Indonesia is a very social country. It was found that in 2012, Jakarta was the most active Twitter city in the world according to Semiocast.

Morin also gave details of the Path app updates for iOS and Android. Additionally, he said, “Path will be available for BlackBerry next year”. Although, it was not clarified whether Morin meant on BlackBerry 10 or legacy devices. Nevertheless, stay tuned for information in 2014 for the release of Path on BlackBerry.

via DailySocial