Uh oh, to all you who like to spy on others, the US-CERT has issued an official warning against PhoneSnoop. This BlackBerry app allows an attacker
to call a user’s BlackBerry and listen to personal conversations. In
order to install and setup the PhoneSnoop application, attackers must
have physical access to the user’s device or convince a user to install
Here’s a nice video showing exactly how it works, straight from the developer:

Here’s how it works:
You install and run PhoneSnoop on a victims’ BlackBerry.  PhoneSnoop
sets up a PhoneListener and waits for an incoming call from a specific
number.  Once it detects a call from that specific number, it
automatically answers the victims’ phone and puts the phone into
SpeakerPhone mode.  This way, the attacker that called can now hear
whats going on at the victims end.  Pretty simple right?

It will be interesting to see if this app becomes blacklisted and can no longer be downloaded. Are you using this app or plan to? Tell us what you think about it and why you’d use it.