Calling all DJs and bands! The award winning MorphWiz has made its way onto the BlackBerry PlayBook. MorphWiz is the brain child of Dream Theater keyboardist, Jordan Rudess, and award-winning developer, Kevin Chartier, took the music app business by storm, winning Billboard’s Best Music Creation App, the Best App Ever award for Best Music App, and an Electronic Musician Editor’s choice award. Jordan uses MorphWiz on stage and in the studio with his prog-metal band, Dream Theater.

MorphWiz-Play takes the deep synthesis and immersive visuals of MorphWiz and packages it into 30 custom presets. Some of the packages include:

  • Dream Machine – Slide through dreamy whole tone scales as the MorphWiz galaxy spins around your visual waveform!
  • Axis Of Love – Get physical with your device and move it all around to add cool FM synthesis and special FX to your sound.
  • Morphtronics – become immersed in an expressive melodic world where the sound echoes all around you.
  • Rush Analog – The classic analog filter sweep comes alive in this patch which we dedicate to the spirit of RUSH!
  • Morph Talker – Let MorphWiz do the talking and do watch your language as you slide around on the playing surface!
  • The Spirit Carries On – There is nothing like expressing a beautiful melody on MorphWiz and this patch i personally use to enjoy playing our Dream Theater song, entitled “Sprit Carries On.”
  • C Blues Tilt – We provide the right scale and the sounds so all you do is have to rock out and remember to move your device around to bring out the cool raspy blues tones! Try turning off the Lock Pitch switch as well to get the slippery bends that you need to get deep into the Blues!

Personally have purchased MorphWiz-Play and have just spent the last hour whipping up some really awesome tunes. You too can get MorphWiz-Play for the BlackBerry PlayBook for only $1.99 in BlackBerry App World. If you’re a DJ or band, this could be an essential instrument to add to you setup.

Check out the demo video below:


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