Signs of the long-awaited  BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update have appeared.   Technical security details about the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections between BlackBerry tablet and smartphones are now public.  The document outlines security features about the PlayBook OS 2.1, BlackBerry Bridge connections, as well as the use of bridge in the enterprise, protecting user information, and how the Bridge connection prevents hacking.  The document itself mentions PlayBook OS 2.1 in the title page, yet never explicitly mentions OS 2.1 anywhere else.  The beta version of PlayBook OS 2.1 has been available to developers for quite a while, bringing improved Android app  support, significant browser improvements and a host of other upgrades.

The entire PDF can be seen/downloaded here.

BlackBerry Bridge allows personal information to be securely shared between a BlackBerry smartphone and tablet in perfect synchronization.  Previous updates to BlackBerry Bridge have brought BBM functionality and bug fixes.

Bridge updates have historically meant an imminent release of a PlayBook OS update.  BlackBerry Jam Americas is commencing very soon, giving RIM a natural setting to announce any new updates.  You can be sure the N4BB Team is prepped and ready to bring you any news during the event if PlayBook OS 2.1 drops!