Pokemon Go Hack

Want a Pokémon Go hack that doesn’t require you to walk?

You’re gonna have to go old school for that

Warning: Although this Pokémon Go hack does not require walking, it does require a little climbing.

While Niantic might have the purest of intentions when it decided to require future users of its phenomenal hit game, Pokémon Go, to walk around in the real world using their actual feet — some lazy gamers just couldn’t bear the thought of having to use any given amount of their physical energy to progress in this otherwise marvelous game.

When hatching eggs require users to walk stretch upon stretch of seemingly endless kilometers, the game is no longer as entertaining as it is tiring.

Thankfully, a YouTuber named Rusty Cage understood exactly the predicament that these gamers are in, so he went ahead and burned some calories of his won in an effort to try to figure out how to survive Pokémon Go — without actually walking.

His ideas were actually amazing.

The first Pokémon Go hack he attempted involved a bicycle. In an effort to feign movement while playing the game, he decided to attach his phone onto the spokes of his bike’s tire.

It was successful.

But then there is one problem. This Pokémon Go hack still requires some burning of energy and actual physical effort — both in turning the bike upside down and in turning the pedals of the vehicle in order to keep the wheels turning.

That was simply not the goal.

The goal was to find the perfect Pokémon Go hack that will require no physical effort on the part of the users.

So he proceeded to do another experiment.

This time, the clever idea was to lay his phone on an old school record player — the kind that plays classic vinyls.

It was perfect.

His Pokémon Go avatar looked like it was walking around in circles, but his phone surely counted all of his avatar’s walking.

Some serious progress was finally made in the game.

But since these vintage record players are extremely hard to come by these days, Rusty Cage decided to come up with another workable Pokémon Go hack — and it seems like it’s the perfect solution.

See that fan hanging on your ceiling? Grab a string and do your thing. The effect is actually exactly the same.

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