Previously, I wrote a little article about this interesting app coming up called “Polarbear”, which seamlessly allows user to post messages on multiple social networks simultaneously. Andre Weier, the developer of Polarbear sent me a copy of his app pre-beta release to try it out. Within 17 seconds, I was familiarized with the app, and knew its potential.

The application is clean, simple, and easy to use, very user friendly, and does not use extra graphics to “wow” the user.

The user begins by selecting/connecting to the social networks desired to use with Polarbear, then writes a post in the box cleverly marked: “Compose a message…”. The user can also set a title to the message if desired. After completing the above steps, the user simply presses “POST”, and the message is posted on their social networks, all at once.

This application is also available on other major platforms, however in my opinion, this complements the BB10 experience, but allowing you to keep moving by not wasting time between social networks, and just posting to wherever you like, with a simple tap of a button.

Polarbear BETA is available JULY 26 2013 to those who signed up for beta testing. For more information about Polarbear, visit