Before I begin, let me be clear and give you a fair warning, I LOVE the BlackBerry Z3. I love everything from it’s beautiful design to the incredible value you get for the price.

For around $199 you can buy a device that sports a 5 ” screen, a dual 1.2ghz core processor and more RAM than then new iPhone at 1.5GB(boom!)

For a better breakdown of the device you can read my review of the Z3 here

The reason behind this post is not for me to express my feelings on the device but more of a conversation starter. The last year we have seen a huge movement behind the move away from 2 year contracts and the undeniable rise of prepaid accounts. BlackBerry coming off a bitter divorce with T-Mobile, the leading prepaid service provider in the USA, now has even less outlets to sell its devices. T- Mobile has many subsidiaries including Metro PCS , Simple Mobile and their Wal-Mart line.

BlackBerry in my opinion NEVER had an offering like the Z3. Androids rise came at the hands of prepaid devices that were very accessible to customers and that is a lesson BlackBerry should learn.

BlackBerry should reach out to AT&T Prepaid , MetroPcs, Boost Mobile, Simple Mobile , Verizon Wireless Prepaid, Wal-Mart and every low end regional carrier and offer the Z3. Company can use the arrival of the Amazon Store and with minimal marketing they can sell a ton of these devices. Its not hard to sell a 5 inch beauty that is associate to “Amazon” for less than 200. Think of all the parents who are buying their kids their first phone. Instead of breaking the bank( $30 a month gets you unlimited talk & text and 4GB of Data) they can get a secure phone that will teach kids to be productive as well as let them have fun( Angry Birds Stella for example). Getting people on a low end device will gain market-share, gaining market-share will create a positive spin and a positive spin can result in more high end devices.

But this is just my opinion. I really want to know what do you guys think? Should BlackBerry bring the affordable Z3 to the US and Canadian Markets?

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