So far, we’ve already received a small glimpse into Research In Motion’s 2013 roadmap. Although, it seems that roadmap may have been lacking some BlackBerry devices. The rumors as to when the first BlackBerry 10 devices will release are running rampant.

Here’s the time-frame we’ve heard for BlackBerry phones in 2013:

  • January: L-Series
  • February: N-Series
  • May: R-Series and S-Series
  • July: A-Series

The L and N series devices have garnered quite a lot of attention. However, little is known about the R-Series. We’re also now the first to tell you about the S-Series. The R-Series is said to be a next-generation BlackBerry 10 Curve. Whereas the S-Series is apparently similar to the R-Series, but will run legacy BlackBerry OS (OS 8 perhaps?).

The last BlackBerry 10 phone to allegedly release is the ‘Aristo’. If you followed this leak, the A-Series will be the crème de la crème of BlackBerry 10 devices. Nonetheless, take these dates loosely. These are dates we’ve compiled from multiple sources, but without tangible proof. Thus, take them with a grain of salt for now.