There has been much speculation over the pricing for the BlackBerry PlayBook. While there isn’t any definitive evidence to support this, there are some rumored pricing for a few models of the PlayBook.

  • 8GB: $399
  • 16GB: $499
  • 32GB: $599

It has been hinted that the PlayBook will be a “slave” device at launch, requiring the tethering of a BlackBerry or Wi-Fi for internet connectivity. However, it is also rumored that the PlayBook will be integrated with wireless carrier connectivity (WWAN) by 2012. We’re guessing the WWAN option will come with the PlayBook 2.

No word on the pricing for the 64GB version of the PlayBook, but these rumored prices seem fair. Hopefully these prices are spot on and RIM keeps the PlayBook very competitive. Do you like the rumored pricing?

via Mobility Insider