If you have ever used a Powermat for either your BlackBerry or iPhone you’ll know that it isn’t truly a ‘drop and charge’ without having to use a special case, etc. If things go well, this may all change by 2011.

Apparently, Powermat wants to start at the manufacturing process of smartphones and integrate their technology. This technology has already been implemented in the Palm Pre. However, that device did not grow as popular as it may have should have been and therefore did not help widely expand the new Powermat receiver technology.

“We are looking into putting the technology into phones but it is a complex process,” a Powermat spokesperson explained.

“Each phone has different charging needs so the sooner we get hold of a handset, the quicker we can come to market with a product.

It will be interesting to see if this technology get integrated into future BlackBerry devices in 2011. Hopefully we will see true ‘drop and charge’ very soon without any chords or cases attached.

via TechRadar