BlackBerry is gearing up to let the world “See the Bigger Picture” on September 24th. BlackBerry intends to officially unveil the BlackBerry Passport in Toronto, London, and Dubai.

Thus far, we’ve seen that BlackBerry plans to release black and white Passport variants. However, we’re told those aren’t the only two Passports that will be available.

BlackBerry will apparently offer a “premium” BlackBerry Passport, persons familiar with the matter said. What’s premium about it? The back-plate on the Premium Passport will not be the boring, rubberized plastic as found on the standard model. Instead, we’re told the company could use either leather or glass weave.

Additionally, we’re told there might be a gold iteration of the Passport. Though, it’s unclear if the gold Passport will act as a “special edition” like we’ve seen with previous gold BlackBerry smartphones.

We’ll hopefully know more details on the BlackBerry Passport and its varying availability on September 24th. Until then, keep it locked to N4BB for all the latest Passport news leading up to the event.

*UPDATE* – BlackBerry has just announced the availability of a premium Gold Passport. Thus, confirming our exclusive report. Check it out here.