Presenting the Carbon Fiber BlackBerry Z10 Oreo

Presenting the Carbon Fiber BlackBerry Z10 Oreo

Apple’s MacBook’s sleek and simplistic look has always captured my eye. The classic silver with black accents is very appealing to me. After seeing the first BlackBerry Z10 ‘Oreo’ on CrackBerry, I just had to do something similar.

Though, I didn’t want it exactly the same. I needed mine to be original and with a little more flair. Enter dbrand. The company makes very high quality vinyl skins for electronic devices.

A fellow Canadian company, dbrand, saw it fit to support the BlackBerry Z10. They offer multiple skin variations, such as leather, titanium, and carbon fiber.

The skins are made of authentic 3M vinyl, so there’s never any adhesive residue left on your device. The company says they’ve “meticulously measured each of the cutouts on our skins for the BlackBerry Z10 hundreds of times, down to the micro millimeter. It literally isn’t possible to find a better fitting, higher quality BlackBerry Z10 skin than the one you’ll find at dbrand inc.”


The best part about dbrand vinyl skins are their quality. They are not just images printed on the vinyl. They feel exactly as they look. Everyone, including myself, who had the opportunity to feel the Carbon Fiber Z10 Oreo was quite impressed that you could ‘feel’ the design.

It was quite easy to apply the skin on the Z10. I’ll admit, I applied it during the BlackBerry Live 2013 keynote, in the dark. I have a knack for detail so I did have a few tries before the cut-outs lined up perfectly. Though, the best part about the application process is there’s no messy spray or the use of a squeegee to rub out any bubbles.


Each dbrand skin covers nearly the entire right parts of the device. This ensures the design looks natural. It certainly fooled people into thinking I had a custom-made BlackBerry Z10.

To accomplish the ‘oreo’ effect, I simply used a white OEM battery door. Ross will likely use this same carbon fiber skin from dbrand to make a “Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Z10″ for his red Z10.


You can even mix and match the skin’s colors. For instance, there is white and black carbon fiber designs. I could have gotten black carbon fiber for the front and back of the device, while using a white carbon fiber for the sides. This comes at no additional cost.

The vinyl skins at dbrand are top-notch and priced very, very reasonably. You can pick from three different styles with different color variations at a price of only $20.

dbrand makes customizing your BlackBerry Z10 a breeze, without having to send it away for the customizations. Check out all of the dbrand vinyl skins for the BlackBerry Z10 at

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