Earlier today, the President of the United States got his own Twitter account appropriately named @POTUS. Now, President Obama himself has his own account @BarackObama, but this new @POTUS account will be used by not only him, but whoever follows him as Commander-in-Chief of the US after the 2016 election.

Obama’s first tweet from this account, which was sent from an iPhone, made social media go slightly crazy thinking maybe he got rid of his super secure BlackBerry and got a new iPhone. Well, that’s not the case at all.

The White House posted this video a little bit ago showing the President sending out his first tweet from an iPhone, true. It just wasn’t his iPhone. According to White House official who spoke to BuzzFeed, “Obama’s first tweet from the brand-new presidential Twitter account was sent using an iPhone registered to the Executive Office of the President — the government name for the sprawling presidential staff — but was not a device Obama regularly uses.” That device is still an ultra-secure BlackBerry.

The White House wouldn’t comment on whether the President had access to Twitter on his BlackBerry, but if he needs any help setting it up, we’d be more than happy to help!

Obama’s BlackBerry is one of, if not the most, secure devices on the planet. NSA engineers have discussed how they developed his BlackBerry, and outfitted it to be as secure as it is. It took over 8 months of testing prior to even letting Obama use it to ensure it would be sufficiently private. A device that powerful, in the hands of a world leader that popular isn’t going out the door anytime soon.