Prisma Android app

Prisma, the app that turns photos into artwork, is now available on Android. The Prisma Android app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

iOS users were treated with the release a couple of months ago, and the app has quickly risen to the top. Prisma is currently on top of the App Store charts. Why is it so popular?


Well, the app allows users to turn their photos into stunning works of art using smart-filters. It’s pretty much like Instagram, but the filters are more than just an overlay.

According to the developer, Prisma Labs, the app makes use of several algorithms to create the artistic images. It will regenerate the image from ground up using the base filter that you select. Because the app has to reconstruct the image, applying a filter can take a few seconds.

The filters vary from modern artwork, oil paintings, paper art, water colors, and many more. You’ll also find painter inspired art styles and designs in the app. There’s plenty to choose from and play with.

To turn your photos into artwork, simply launch the app, select or take a picture and choose one of the many filters available. You can then adjust how much of the filter you want on your photo. Wait till the artwork is created and be awed at the end result. If you own an older Android smartphone, this process can be a little slow.

Those using Android smartphones can now download the Prisma Android app from the Google Play Store. The app is completely free to download and doesn’t require any sign up. There are no ads as well, and once your photo is done, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Be careful when you download the Prisma app, as there are several similarly named apps available in the Play Store. Make sure the app that you download is the one developed by Prisma Labs, Inc.

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