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Welcome, this is the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) for the website located at N4BB, hereinafter referred to as the “Site”, including its sub-domains and mobile optimized versions.  The Site is provided to you by Digimental Media Group, hereinafter referred to as “Digimental” and as “our”, “us” and “we”.  Overall, this Policy is a legally binding agreement between Digimental, and you, an end user of our Site and any products and services offered thereby, referred to as and also “you”, “your(s)” or “yourself”).

This Policy shall also include our Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) and any supplemental guidelines and policies provided by us from time to time, incorporated herein by reference.

You can rest assured that we will never spam your inbox, provide unsolicited offers or otherwise disclose your personally identifiable information (the “PII”) to any third party, unless we have your prior express consent.  Here at Digimental, we work hard to earn and keep your trust; and therefore we adhere to the following principles in order to protect your privacy:

  • We will not sell or lease your PII to third parties.
  • We will not disclose your PII with other users or third parties without your consent.
  • Any PII that you provide to Digimental will be secured with industry standard safety protocols and technology.
  • We screen our affiliates, customers, clients and third party contractors to ensure that they implement data protection practices at least as strong as the ones we use.

As used herein and elsewhere, the words “collect”, “use”, “process”, “treat”, “disclose” and analogous shall be related to your PII and other data that we may receive from our clients, users and/or visitors, including cookies inside a computer and mobile device IDs.

Information Collected

In order to use the Site, you may need to disclose certain of your PII to us, including but not limited to: your name, last name, phone number, IP address, email, mobile device ID, mobile device type, browser type, language and operating system used.  In addition, in the future we may offer functionalities such as shopping carts, which may then allow the collection of sensitive financial information of our users (e.g. credit card and payment processor information).  You can rest assured that we will undertake any and all reasonable safeguard measures to keep your data under protection.

If you do not wish to disclose any or part of your PII to us, you may still be able to use some of the functionalities of the Site, though we will not be able to guarantee that you will be able to enjoy our services, offers and recommendations if you elect not to disclose it to us.  Overall, your final remedies will be to close this web tab, delete your account and/or exit the Site.

Purpose and Process of the Collected Information

In order for us to provide our services, and to use and/or offer the products and services of our affiliates, clients and third party contractors, we will need to undertake the storage, use, combination, integration, disclosure, process and transfer of your PII, either among our affiliates and other authorized third parties.  We will generally collect, use and disclose your PII to:

  • Send recommendations about your browsing preferences.
  • Verify your e-mail address; send password retrieval links and other account notices.
  • Provide news regarding our services, the Site and the products and services of our affiliates, clients and third party contractors.
  • Improve your user experience and provide you with customer support
  • Develop, research, process, safeguard and improve our services.
  • Answer to queries and suggestions you submit to us.
  • Improve your user experience, offer newsletters, offer promotions, send service related announcements and contact you about inquiries for our services.

The Site may offer the functionality of using your social media and other third party credentials (e.g. Facebook and Google) to execute single-sign-on, and in that manner we will also collect your PII as provided to us by such third party platforms; such as your photos, info of your social media contacts and their common contacts, login data and profile information such as “about me”, “friend lists” and “interests”.  We will not collect more information when using such credentials beyond the PII such third parties generally disclose to us via their services.  For more information, please refer to the terms and policies of such platforms.

Control of your information

As our user, you will generally be able to control and select the amount and type of PII you may disclose to us, either when using our Site.  We continuously try to improve our user experience, and stride to provide you the best choices for the disclosure, edition or removal of the PII being processed by us.  Accordingly, we will undertake the open and transparent management of your PII and will: (i) inform you about how your personal information may be used and disclosed (including overseas); (ii) maintain the safety and integrity of your personal information; and/or (iii) enforce your individual right to access and correct your personal information.

In order to enforce of your privacy rights, please contact us as indicated in the contact section of the Site.  Your privacy request must include, at the least, the following information: (i) your complete name, address and/or e-mail address in order for us to notify you the response to your request; (ii) attached documents establishing your identity; and (iii) a clear and concise description of the PII with regard to which you seek to enforce any of your privacy rights.  If you request rectification, please indicate amendments to be made and attach documentation to back up your request.

Upon receipt of your privacy request, and after due review, we may then edit, deactivate and/or delete your PII from our Site.  Please take into account that we may not be able to delete all of your data from our secure databases or the databases of third parties to which your PII has already been disclosed.  If that is the case, please contact such third parties directly in order to request enforcement of your privacy rights.  In case of secure databases under our control where deletion becomes impossible, we will make such information inaccessible.

Safety of your information

We use industry standard protocols and technology to protect your registered user information and PII.  Overall, we implement and maintain reasonable security measures to protect our databases and PII records from unauthorized access, acquisition, destruction, use, modification or disclosure.  However, please take into account that the Internet and related transmissions are not secure or error free communication means.

Additionally, if you post information on a public forum, message board, blog or bulletin board, any PII you elect to disclose therein there may or will be read, collected and/or used by other users of such forums and could be used by third parties to send you unsolicited messages.

Parental Notice

Digimental does not knowingly collect any kind of information from persons under the age of thirteen (13).  Through the simple use of the Site and our services, you hereby represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age –or older– as of the date of first access thereof.  If you are still a minor (which may depend on the jurisdiction where you reside), you must access the Site under the direct supervision of your parent or legal guardian.

Information release and disclosure

We must reserve our right to disclose your PII when we or our affiliates, clients, contractors, licensors, officers, agents and/or representatives reasonably believe it necessary to protect our interests, or where you result to be in breach of Terms and/or this Policy.  Accordingly, we will have the right to disclose any and all collected PII and/or data, under the following circumstances:

  • If required under applicable law, rules or regulations.
  • In response to a valid request or subpoena from a government or law enforcement agency.
  • To defend ourselves and our affiliates, licensors, officers, agents and representatives from legal claims and processes brought to us by third parties (including takedown notices).
  • To defend the property, rights and integrity of any of our users, advertisers or licensors.
  • To stop or cause to cease any actions that we may consider to cause –whether allegedly or factually– a contingency or liability.

Newsletters and Commercial Messages

From time to time, we will ask you for express permission and consent to receive Commercial Electronic Messages (‘CEM’).  A CEM is a message in an electronic format (e.g. email, SMS, push notifications and other form of communications) which is then sent to an electronic address (e.g. email, mobile device) and that contains a message asking recipients to participate in commercial activities (e.g. purchase of products, services and invitations to participate in user research).

Express consent does not apply for those messages that we may send you for matters of account actions, and for exchange / distribution of our cash back reward & credits program, among other services.

Our optional email newsletters are considered CEMs, and therefore you may subscribe or unsubscribe from them at will, usually on your account settings, or by following the unsubscribe links contained therein.

From time to time, we may place the so-called ‘cookies’ in your computer in order to track and collect data regarding your use of our Site and our services.  Cookies are small text files that our Site transfers to you and that allow us permit us to recognize you and obtain data such as how, when and how long you browse pages in our Site.  We also use the so-called ‘beacons’, which are small files, sometimes only a pixel in size, embedded onto the pages of our Site.  Beacons are used to identify each of our pages in order to be analyzed by our system tools.

When you access our Site via a mobile device, we will use your mobile device ID (i.e. the unique identifier assigned to a mobile device by the manufacturer) and/or Advertising ID (for Apple iOS 6 and later) instead of cookies in order to recognize you, track the number of ads displayed, measure ad performance and display ads that are more relevant to you.

We may also collect and use the data contained in log files, which may include your IP (internet protocol) address, your ISP (internet service provider), the browser you used to visit our site, the time you visited our Site and which pages you visited throughout our Site.

You can always configure your browser to refuse cookies and beacons.  For more information, please visit Allaboutcookies.  Unlike cookies, device IDs cannot be deleted, but you can select to reset your Advertising IDs in the “Settings” section of your mobile device, among other settings.

Third party sites and services

Our Site may display hyperlinks to the websites of our commercial partners and other third parties.  If you click on such links, you are choosing to visit such websites, and will be redirected there.  Please take into consideration that we are not responsible for the privacy and personal data practices undertook by such third parties (including any tools, cookies, information or content contained thereunto), and that we do not have control over the manner in which such third-parties may collect, process, treat or use your PII.

When you use such links to go to another website, our Policy and Terms are no longer into effect and your browsing thereof is in your own and final risk.  In addition, any banner or ad that we may have on our Site does not constitute any endorsement of any third party thereof.

Advertising, opt-out

From time to time, we may use Google Analytics, Ad Words, Double Click and/or Ad Sense tracking codes, along with other third party software tools (such as remarketing codes) in order to collect information and marketing analytics about the manner in which you browse our Site.  These ads served will be targeted based on your previous browsing history, and may include retargeting codes.  For example, third party vendors may show you Digimental’s ads on certain websites across the Internet, even after you leave our Site.  The collected information is anonymized, meaning it cannot be tracked back to individuals.  Using such tools, we learn how to optimize, and serve ads based on a user’s past visits, providing you with a better user experience.

Our third party vendors may also use cookies and beacons to track your Internet browsing in order to serve you ads based on what they or us believe to be of your interest.  Such information will be processed for purposes of evaluating your browsing activities and consumer preferences.  Henceforth, by using this Site, you consent to such disclosure, treatment and storage of data and/or PII about you, either by us or by such third parties.

In order to enforce and uphold your right to privacy, you have the option to elect not to receive this type of advertising from us or third parties, now or in the future.  You can learn more about how to opt-out by browsing Google’s opting-out and privacy pages located here, or the Network Advertising Initiative website located here. In addition, you may set browser, mobile device and computer system preferences for how other third parties serve ads to you.

International Residents Notice

Digimental has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and has operations in the United States of America, where the servers that may store and process your PII are located.  At the last date of update of this Policy, no international transfer of your PII is undertaken by us.  Henceforth, your PII may be accessed by us or our affiliates, agents, partners, advertisers or third party service providers in the United States of America, and you hereby consent to such access and transfer by providing us such information.  If you are accessing our Site, you ought to know that you are may be transferring your PII to the United States of America, thus, you hereby consent to such transfer, if any.  Please be advised that such jurisdiction may have personal data and privacy laws that differ from those of yours, with different levels of protection and rights enforcement.

Amendments, Updates

We reserve the right to amend, change, suspend and/or update our Site, our services, this Policy and/or our Terms, in whole or in part, from time to time and at our sole and final discretion. Your continued use thereof after the last effective date of modifications thereof indicates your acceptance of such modifications.  We will post any updates on our Site, and may also send you an email or otherwise notify you of any material changes to this Policy.


If you have any questions or queries about us, our Site, our Terms and/or this Policy, please contact us as indicated in our contact page.

Date of last effective update is March 13, 2017.