Most BlackBerry users find that their smartphone makes them more productive and helps them get stuff done through the day, and the apps are a great part of that. In todays’ guide I’ll show you how you can be more productive using your BlackBerry Tasks navite application. With this app you can setup a list of thing you have to do, organize by categories and set a reminder for each task. This way you will never forget the things you have to do and can do them on time.

1. Open the native BlackBerry Tasks app.

2.  Tap the Add Task button on top of the list to a add a new task

3. Enter the tasks’ details. You can change the status to In Progress, Waiting, Complete and more to be sure what the status of this task is. You can also set a priority, a due date, and a reminder.

4. Tasks can be separated into categories. To do this you can tap the Edit button next to the categories field. To add a new category, simply press the menu button and go to New.

5. Once you’re done adding your tasks, press the back button and make sure you save changes. That’s it!

You’ll find that you will get stuff done faster than by just memorizing the things you have to do. If you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments below.