Javatek Media let us know about their new BlackBerry app called Profile Scheduler. This app is the first of its kind, with the ability to automatically change the active BlackBerry profile due to new abilities in OS 7.1. This flexible and easy to use scheduler lets you decide exactly the time and day(s) of the week that a profile should be changed, making this ideal for work, school, or even just automatically switching to silent at night.

The next powerful feature allows you to temporarily activate a different profile. Ideal for avoiding situations where the phone was switched to the Silent profile and accidentally left on Silent mode for the rest of the day. As a solution, this feature could turn on the Silent profile for any period of time and go back to your previous profile automatically.

Example uses for this product:

  • Automatically schedule your phone to go silent at night and back on in the morning. Easily schedule different times for weekends.
  • Have a job? Change your profile automatically when you start and end work. Easily schedule in a profile change for your lunch break as well.
  • Going to school? Schedule your classes so that your phone is always silent in class and back on in between.
  • Ever changed your profile to Silent during a movie, meeting or other event only to find later that you forgot to change it back? Use the temporary activation feature to automatically change back your profile after a certain period of time.

Profile Scheduler is available today at the BlackBerry App World for $1.99 here. However, Javatek Media has given us 5 copies to giveaway! Simply follow the rules below to enter:

  • You must be a registered member of N4BB. When you comment, you’re name will appear in green and it will link to your profile. If you’re not logged in and comment, your entry will not be valid. Make a comment to this post signalling your entry.

We will select the winners on Wednesday, February 22nd. Good luck and checkout other great products from Javatek Media.