Nicole Perlroth from the New York Times recently wrote an editorial called BlackBerry as Black Sheep in Smartphones.

In this article people were interviewed about their BlackBerrys. One Sales representative said she was ashamed of her BlackBerry. A feeling I do not share, as a sales representative myself, I am far from ashamed of my BlackBerry. When I go into a sales call it is my iPhone that is left in my car. My BlackBerry is in hand, at parties, and conferences. The BlackBerry is always ready and working, by 7pm my iPhone is dead. Since I can’t change the iPhone battery it stays that way, but a quick battery swap at dinner and I’m full of juice for a night of chatting and information sharing on my BlackBerry. My BlackBerry is the extension of me, it facilitates me to do my job. Through that facilitation I don’t believe anyone would think “oh I best not do business with that person he doesn’t have Angry Birds on his phone.”

It very much seems that those people who are disenfranchised with BlackBerry’s don’t actually know how to use them or are using BlackBerrys from 2009 expecting them to compete with today’s Androids and iPhones.

My BlackBerry 9790 books travel and notifies me of itinerary changes with RIM’s own BlackBerry Travel. BlackBerry Traffic & BlackBerry maps do an excellent and fast job at finding where I am, and how to get me where I need to go, and compared to iOS6 maps the speed is pretty much the same.

My BlackBerry OS7 Browser is hit or miss as fast as my iPhone 4S, except the BlackBerry Browser allows searching from the same box as you enter a website address. Whereas the iPhone requires a separate box for some odd reason.

My BlackBerry makes phone calls by clicking on the link in someone’s email signature or off of the website, with THE FULL number extensions included. This is something my iPhone can’t do not even with apps, but we’ll save all of that for another day.

My BlackBerry’s native Word Substitution allows me to have canned email responses for those email questions you always get “where does X ship from?” I type in “#shipfrom” and the full address and a link on Google maps is inserted into the email body. I type “#myassistant” and the contact info is inserted into the email for any follow up the person might need to do.

I have no need to be embarrassed about my enjoyment of BlackBerry, when asked “why do you still have a BlackBerry.” Or, which I get more often, “why aren’t you using that iPhone?” My go to is opening both device inbox’s, on my BlackBerry you will see SMS, BBM, incoming email, outgoing email sorted by days which can be easily scrolled through pressing N & P for next and previous day. On my iPhone each means of communication lives inside its own silo, in-out between SMS, Twitter, in-out from email inbox to email sent box. Sure, I don’t have Team 17 Worm2 on my BlackBerry like I do on my iPhone, but really I need that maybe 45 minutes a week, vs the 6-8 hours per day I need to be inside my inbox/messages/IM’s .


I am very much looking forward to BlackBerry 10’s BlackBerry HUB. This promises to bring me everything I love about BlackBerry Universal inbox & BlackBerry Notification bar drop down in one wonderful screen just a gesture away, peeking in without needing to leave what I am doing.

I feel sorry for those who are embarrassed to be carrying a BlackBerry. They must not realize what an amazing device they’ve got in their hand. To be honest, I’d much rather be using my classic BlackBerry Curve 8330 compared to my iPhone 4S as my primary tool for my job. But I’m lucky to have a Bold 9790 for a no compromise mobile phone.