A recent report claimed that sales of the BlackBerry Q10 were below those of the Z10 when it first arrived, and the folks over at Seeking Alpha decided to take matters into their own hands. Ends up that the Q10 is not only selling spectacularly, but it’s actually out performing the Galaxy S4 in UK’s largest mobile phone retailer.

Michael Collins at Seeking Alpha did his own research and checked in with about 15 stores and came up with surprisingly different results. They all pretty much agreed that the Q10 was selling a considerable amount more than the Z10. “There are two BlackBerry buyers: iPhoners for the past two years who go for the Z10 and BlackBerry bold 9900 types who go for the Q10,” one retailer told him.

He then took things a step further and checked the resales of the Q10 on eBay. His results were that from the period of May 11-12, the Q10 sold 72 units. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold 140 units in 14 days, or an average of 10 per day. The Q10s were also selling for a higher price than the S4.

Seems to me like this is another example of BlackBerry naysayers finding a reason to heap the hate on any way they can. What are your thoughts?