Earlier today I discussed why BlackBerry and more importantly, Research In Motion, would not die. RIM has many more revenue streams other than BlackBerry hardware and subscriber sales.

One of those revenue streams is still through QNX and how it is used in automotive infotainment systems. QNX is currently used for the infotainment system in Audis.

Yesterday, Texas Instruments announced that the QNX-based MIB High system, the next-generation infotainment platform for Audi vehicles, is the first automotive system to incorporate the TI Jacinto 5 automotive infotainment processor.

The Jacinto 5 is an automotive-qualified multicore processor based on an ARM Cortex-A8 core. The processor integrates a variety of automotive peripherals and connectivity options.

You can read more on why having QNX for the MIB High is awesome on the QNX Auto Blog here.