A new rumor has surfaced that suggests the upcoming QNX BlackBerry ‘Superphone’ will have video chat capabilities. We’ve heard rumors ourselves and even gave you a few specs, which basically suggests the first BlackBerry ‘Superphone’ will be a “Mini-PlayBook”. In the sense that it will nearly be identical to the PlayBook and include a front-facing camera, but of course be much smaller in size.

The new rumors suggests that BlackBerry Superphone’s video chat capabilities will be “deeply integrated into BBM”. We have already seen RIM push out BBM Music, a unique service that allows for enhanced social sharing of music. We can only begin to think of the incredible uses for a BBM Video Chat. If rumor holds true, it would appear RIM is trying to catch some of the Apple FaceTime craze.

Perhaps the BBM video chat will let you see which users have that ability. Something similar to the way Google Talk lets you know you can video chat with your contacts by displaying a small video recorder icon next to their name. Either way, we’re excited for the many great possibilities RIM has planned for the future. A video chat with BBM integration sounds like a fairly good start. What kind of features would you like to see in the upcoming QNX devices?

via GizmoFusion