There is a new rumor going around about the QNX ‘SuperPhone’ we gave you the first details about. First initial rumors to circulate was the ‘BlackBerry Colt’, as this QNX device is rumored to be called, was on track for the Q1 2012 release. The new rumor says this BlackBerry SuperPhone will now release before the end of 2011. With so many conflicting reports, it is hard to tell which to believe.

Nonetheless, the source of the new rumors quotes the specs from us. We made note that the QNX phone was being tested on a single-core processor, but that dual-core was not ruled out. We’d hope RIM releases it with a dual-core and not a single-core as Tweakers suggests. Perhaps they misinterpreted what we wrote before? If this rumor holds true, do you think RIM should rush a QNX device to market before the holidays?

via Tweakers