QNX, the company behind the OS for the PlayBook and future BlackBerry ‘Superphones’, has pushed out a new marketing campaign. Needless to say, it is pretty awesome and definitely ‘two naughty’. Now if only RIM could be as creative for their BlackBerry brand. QNX’s reason for the marketing campaign:

Case in point: A few years back, we introduced some innovative tools and OS features to help developers migrate from single-core to multi-core processors. And to promote these technologies, we decided to have some fun.

If you don’t get the tightly coupled reference, it’s a pun on the tightly coupled multiprocessing provided by multi-core processors. Because even when we’re cheeky, we’re still a little geeky.

Here’s a few images of the billboard on a truck:

What do you think? Funny, or too over the top? Let us know in the comments.

via QNX Blog