BlackBerry’s QNX made a solid start this year by introducing their new concept car at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. After flaunting cars from the likes of Porsche, Bentley, and Mercedes for the last three years, the team has customized the beautiful Maserati this time with a host of new features.

Several cameras and sensors have been installed to detect obstacles on roads to avoid collisions and level up safety for drivers and passengers. The new HUD installed in the car will display warning to lower down speed for turns or bumps ahead. A strip of running lights positioned at the end of the dashboard gives reflective indications of close objects.

The car gives a complete 360 view to the driver. Thanks to the cameras installed around the body, the rear- and side-view mirrors have been replaced with LCD screens showing a wider picture than the original view, giving the driver a complete 360 viewing experience.

This new QNX powered Maserati runs on Qualcomm 602A processor. The system has pre-installed basic features like voice commands, Bluetooth calling and messaging, audio streaming channels as iHeart Radio etc. However, being QNX, it also offers Apple CarPlay and Google Drive capability.