There’s rumor running around that the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones, QNX powered Superphone, will be “Android compatible”. Bloomberg reported that sources, who remain unidentified, have confirmed that the QNX smartphones will also be compatible with the Android App Player. This shouldn’t be surprising considering the app is already compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Sources say that Android App Player will be the same as the PlayBook but fixed to fit different BlackBerry smartphone screen sizes. RIM is trying to attract more users and widen their range of customers with a bigger selection of apps. Here’s what Bloomberg reported:


BlackBerrys that run on RIM’s new QNX software will be Android-compatible, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the effort isn’t public. RIM has said it plans to introduce QNX phones in “early” 2012.

RIM is rebuilding its range of devices around QNX and is looking to add features that appeal to customers who had grown weary of the aging BlackBerry portfolio and its narrower selection of apps. There are more than 250,000 apps available from Google’s Android Market, or about six times as many as in RIM’s App World, a factor in helping Android become the world’s top smartphone platform.

Remember these are just rumors, RIM has not confirmed or denied this.

via Bloomberg