QNX announced today its new QNX Automotive Safety Program for ISO 26262, which is an international standard that defines the safety lifecycle of electrical, electronic, and software-based components in passenger vehicles.

QNX Automotive Satefy Program is designed to help accelerate the development of digital instrument clusters, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), heads-up displays, and other products with functional safety requirements. It provides QNX customers with safety information required to build ISO 26262 compliant systems.

The program provides a suite of professional services from QNX Software Systems, including priority support, training on recommended practices for building functional safety systems, and in-depth QNX® OS training for engineers.

“QNX Software Systems has a 30-year history in safety-critical systems, from nuclear power plants to the Space Shuttle, as well as proven competency in certifications to standards like IEC 61508 and IEC 62304,” said Grant Courville, director, product management, QNX Software Systems.

The QNX Automotive Safety Program for ISO 26262 will be available to qualified automotive companies in Q3 2013.