On September 17th, QSAlpha will unveil a new class of smartphone via Indiegogo to address identity theft, information leaks and unwanted surveillance.

Quasar IV is said to be the first smartphone designed specifically to protect user identity through a system that instantly verifies both sender/receiver as trusted before information is sent.

Identity verification happens directly on the Quasar device (not a third party server) using public/private key exchange allowing a pair of Quasars to safely communicate with each other anywhere in the world.

All communication (email, text, IM, file sharing, VoIP calls) is completely safeguarded using a unique combination of high-level encryption. However, what’s not yet fully clear is if the recipient of such communications from a Quasar IV user must also have a Quasar IV smartphone to take full advantage of secure communications.

Once QSAlpha makes its formal debut of the Quasar IV, you’ll be able to find out more info at www.qsalpha.com.