Wonder why this tidbit of info may be important? While at CES 2012, Qualcomm announced their Snapdragon S4 chipset, which showcased RIM’s logo on the backdrop for featured partner with the new MSM8960 chipset. Qualcomm wouldn’t tell us if RIM would be using the new chipset for tablets, smartphones, or both.

Either way, we can assume RIM will be using the Qualcomm MSM8960 in an upcoming BlackBerry device. Our guess, would be the highly awaited BlackBerry 10 phones. What kind of performance will this chipset offer? We get an early look thanks to some benchmarks of an MSM8960-powered device showing up on NenaMark.

Running NenaMark2, this MSM8960-based model gives a very impressive 54.90, blowing away nearly all of the competition.The benchmarks appear to come from a tablet running at a 1024×600 resolution. Most handsets it scores comparably to sport WVGA, meaning the MSM8960 outperformed them even when pushing more pixels.

BlackBerry 10 phones have been delayed to the end of 2012 as RIM allegedly waits for the new chipset from Qualcomm. We’ve already discussed how this might not really be a bad thing. The new benchmarks are only adding more icing to the cake. The MSM8960 contains a multi-mode modem, allowing it to support LTE data networks along with the usual EV-DO and HSPA 3G standards; opening up BlackBerry 10 phones to a whole array of markets.

via Engadget