QuickPost (QP)  is one of those apps that you don’t know you’re missing out on. If you’re entrenched in various social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and BBM, this app is just for you. As the name suggests, QP allows you to proficiently share status updates across your social channels, BBM and Channels included. While it’s just launched and only supports five share points, future additions can help this gorgeously simple application grow with BlackBerry 10. What sets this application apart from others is how deeply it’s integrated into the BB10 experience. Utilizing the core accounts makes for quick start-up and you don’t have to connect your various accounts, because they’re all already connected.

Utilizing share cards, the application prompts you through a cadence in which you can personalize each of your posts per individual feed. This one-ups similar competitors who robotically copy the same message across social channels. While effective, being able to customize your message for your following is a nice feature. What’s more is you can add media as you see fit.It’s still very early, so there are some shortcomings. Currently, you’re limited to five social accounts, two of which are BBM, and you have to add pictures individually to each share card, meaning you can’t attach once and post everywhere. For adding text and links, hashtags and mentions, however, QP works very well. For the price, there is adequate value. The UI is very easy to use and tapping one of the five icons on the home screen will automatically select that channel for you when posting.

Ultimately, for the dollar spent on this application, you can definitely get a lot of daily utility if this app suits your needs. Looking forward, some welcomed additions would be access to share TO QuickPost, instead of from, and batch media uploading. Being that this app is only a few days old, these shortcomings are understandable. I personally find myself using it multiple times per day, as my preferred social sharing utility.

Supported Networks:

– BBM Channels
– Twitter
– Facebook
– LinkedIn
– more to come!


– Type once and share across multiple social networks.
– Runs smooth as silk, thanks to being built in 100% native Cascades.
– Gorgeous dark theme.
– Dedicated # and @ convenience keys.
– Character counter for Twitter.
– Easy access to your device’s account settings.
– Support for native keyboard features, like word substitution, spell check, voice dictation, emoticons and more!
– Invite your BBM friends to QuickPost.
– more to come!
Type once, post everywhere.


Created by @FeedGuruApps