The latest version of the sharing app QuickPost (v1.3.0.2) brings Z30 support as well as many refinements and added features. Improved Quick Attach for photos and messages and a neat feature called Quick Copy essentially this auto copies your entry from the initial caption as it prompts you through the share-cards for the networks you’re delivering your post to, this makes it easy for you to personalize your post per share (ex: no hashtags on LinkedIn) but also automatically copies your entry so that if you want to reuse the message across multiple outlets you can simply past-n-post. Handy indeed. Whats more there are buttons for @ and # so you don’t have to navigate your keyboard away from the message.

Great features return such as BBM Channels support and Touch Anywhere. Touch Anywhere is very smooth. When the app loads it comes to a splash screen, to post, all you have to do is ‘Touch Anywhere’ if you tap one of the icons on this screen it will automatically add that as the initial entry and you’re off typing, otherwise any press on the opening screen will move you into an unassigned entry where you can draft before you decide where best to send.


Two of my favorite additions are Quick-er Post and Auto Minimize

Quick-er Post allows you to bypass the aforementioned TouchAnywhere start-screen and drops you right into an entry upon opening the app (great for those who are frequently sharing). Lastly, to bring it all full circle is Auto Minimize, after all your sharing Quick Post has a feature that neatly minimizes the app to its active frame so you can keep moving. Native, awesome, and tied right in with your 1-time login BB10 accounts–QuickPost is one of those must have utilities for the platform. One that flatters the BB10 design language and produces a uniquely BlackBerry experience well worth a purchase.

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