I’m a sucker for tower defense games.  I mean, who doesn’t like watching waves upon waves of creeps meet their inevitable doom passing through a maze of your carefully orchestrated death traps?   Today, I’m looking at Radiant Defense, a tower defense game for the BlackBerry PlayBook by the gaming wizardry of the folks over at Hexage.  Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Hordes of deadly alien creeps are attempting to invade Earth! Oh no! In order to protect the human race, you must destroy all the aliens coming out of the invasion vortex who head directly for the blazing hot spiral reactor.  Even though they’ll burn up and disintegrate in the reactor, if the reactor goes out, there will be no way to close the invasion vortex and then its game over.  Why not just keep them all closed?

Well, there’s an incredibly persistent (and borderline hilarious) “Supercreep” bent on taking over who tends to opened up invasion vortices and flooding them with creeps.  This is a creep who loves to be bad, and it fairly bad at being