Pokemon GO app
RazerGO is a location-based chat app for Pokemon GO

A Pokemon GO app doesn’t come as a surprise, given the immense popularity of the game. You’ll find a number of third party Pokemon GO apps, including chat apps and map apps, vying for a piece of the now undeniably delicious Pokemon GO pie.

One of the several new Pokemon GO apps is RazerGO, an appropriately-named chat app from Razer, the well-known makers of PC gaming systems, hardware and software.


Pokemon GO App: RazerGO Chat App

RazerGO is a Pokemon GO app that lets you chat and stay in touch with other players or even compete against them.

RazerGO chat app offers three different modes of chat. It offers a localized experience, allowing you to chat only with players within a scalable radius.

Local Chat

This mode allows you to chat with any Pokemon GO player within a radius of three miles (five kilometers.)

Regional Chat

The regional chat mode offers extended coverage over an area of 60 miles (100 kilometers).

Global Chat

This mode covers a huge area of 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) from where you’re located.

Your identification will be your team name on this Pokemon GO app. So what’s it going to be? Team GO?

Other than that, this new Pokemon GO app – RazerGO – functions just like any other in-game chat you would have experienced online.

You can communicate with your own team members, get in touch with other players by whispering or you can switch to the public chat room.

Future Plans for Razer’s Pokemon GO App

Razer says it has plenty of future plans to improve the Pokemon GO app, which include allowing players to drop “Beacons” on the map to create a regional chat room of their choice.

Any player living close to the Beacon can interact with it and unlock the chat room, which is said to be smaller than others.

Pokecrawls Events

Razer is promoting the new Pokemon GO app by hosting a series of guided Pokecrawls along multiple routes near its San Francisco RazerStore, with giveaways of real world and Pokemon GO items both at the store and online.

So if you’re interested, you can test out the Pokemon GO app and see how it works. You can also catch some of your favourite Pokemon while testing.

RazerStore festivities and Pokecrawls have commenced on July 20, 2016.

Razer will drop Lures available to RazerGO users on hosted Pokecrawls. The exact locations will be announced on Razer’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Address: RazerStore San Francisco is at the Westfield San Francisco Centre, at Market St. and 5th St. in San Francisco.

Device Support

RazerGO app will be available for the Web. It will also work on both iOS and Android devices.


The iOS version of the Pokemon GO app has been released. But the company is still working on the Android version.

The Web version of the Pokemon GO app is available on go.razerzone.com