A slider exists! Check it out here.

Since the first rumors of BlackBerry 10, whispers of a slider have coincided. BlackBerry was truly working on a BB10 slider dubbed the “Milan” or otherwise later known as the “M-Series.”

Though, for reasons unknown, we exclusively learned the entire project was placed on an indefinite back-burner. And it has remained that way ever since then.

One reason we were told the M-Series had been canned was due to the slider mechanism not being able to be made any slimmer than a Torch 9800. This was a problem in an increasing market for thinner and thinner phones.

But, late last year a seemingly new BlackBerry patent popped up, which shows the ornamental design for a unique concealable keyboard. The patent (this is the correct link, everyone else previously linked to an erroneous patent) in question isn’t actually new. It was filed on June 14th, 2012.

Then, a new rumor, signaled by parts from leaked OS’ and this patent birthed the alleged “Visa” and “Victoria” devices. Two BlackBerry 10 smartphones that will apparently encompass this crazy looking concealable keyboard:


BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, has said that the company will unveil a unique concept device at Mobile World Congress in March 2015. Whether or not the concept device will see market availability is still unknown.

Furthermore, it is purely speculation as to what sort of device BlackBerry will unveil. With our latest exclusive revealing of the BlackBerry Rio, it was shown in documents viewed that there will not be any other new device(s) in the first half of 2015.

Any additional new BlackBerry devices, besides the Rio, will not be available until after Q2 2015, according to current internal roadmaps. Hopefully, we will soon know further details regarding BlackBerry’s concept device with MWC right around the corner.

In the essence of the swirl of rumors, graphic designer Dylan Habkirk has given life to the patent drawings. Beautifully crafted renders of a slate device with the quirky concealable keyboard have been birthed.

Visa_AdIf the aforementioned rumors are true, the Visa and Victoria will allegedly have some nice specs – including an autonomous slider. According to Habkirk, the keyboard will supposedly be able to auto-eject when the OS signals it via a recognized user input.

We are absolutely wishing BlackBerry will one day release a BlackBerry 10 slider! Be sure to keep it locked to N4BB for any updates. Sound off in the comments as to whether or not you’d want a slider with this sort of unique keyboard.