The Indian government threatened Research In Motion with banning BlackBerry services within India for nearly a year. A resolution to the issue is reportedly underway as real-time interception of BlackBerry data is said to be in testing. The Indian government demanded access to the de-encryption keys for BlackBerry Messenger, e-mails, and more. However, RIM remained steadfast that they did not have a ‘master key’ for putting the data into readable format.

If the report by The Hindu is accurate, RIM has devised a solution to intercept BBM and e-mail messages. The intercepted data will be in readable form, allowing for governments to easily track users conversations. It is unclear whether the governments will have access to a specific new server, software, or what means of interception RIM has created. The report also does not make it clear if the governments will first need to request access from RIM for a specific users data. Or, if the governments will have independent access to users’ data as they please.

We’ve seen similar user privacy controversy during the London riots. Authorities gained access to BBM chats which resulted in multiple arrests of teens allegedly connected to inciting rioting. Let us know if you’re fearful of your government eaves dropping on your private conversations. Do you believe RIM should allow access to your data?