Yesterday, I had the pleasure to attend RIM’s #bbmuglysweaterparty at Club Aspen in midtown NYC.  Festive crowd, excellent Hors d’oeuvres, an overall festive atmosphere. In the front room was a large photo booth with the traditional  BlackBerry back drop and a big screen where a live feed of Twitter was shown.  Walk to the back and you have a BB7 phone area where the latest devices were shown off and to the left were 2 big screen tv’s where you had a choice to play Madden12 or the newly released Angry Birds by Rovio.

As the night progressed I made the rounds, and got a chance to speak to a few rim employees and the first words were #BeBold in 2012! So I proceeded to ask what is this #BeBold hashtag all about? The Answer shocked me. “We’re taking Over, 2012 is RIM’s year and no one can deny us”. I replied “that is a bold statement” and the conversation continued.

Employees at  RIM (contrary to what some would have you believe) have really bought into blackberry10(BBX).  I was assured every major title is coming to the platform including the apps we all want , yes you can probably think of a few. RIM spent 2 months negotiating and trying to prove to Rovio that it willl be worth to bring this title to the PlayBook (it will work on your BB10 devices out of the box).  A huge supporting endorsement was clearly conveyed to me about  the managements commitment to promotion and marketing and that the team believes will do wonders for BB7 smartphones in the North American market.  Let’s hope!  When asked about the BB10 devices suddenly  their faces lit up! “There are beautiful” one RIM employee said, “We wish management would let some info out, so people can see the wait is worth it ” said the next. My personal favorite of the night was, “one day you’ll regret making fun of Jim for saying it will leapfrog the competition”.

A few Angry Birds levels later (mixed with a couple of drinks) I wished everyone a good night, received my gift bag (an awesome BBM Music T-shirt and BlackBerry gloves) and I made my way home.  I was still surprised that the team had such high spirits with the decline in stock value, tech analysts burying the company on the delay of BB10 phones.  I was left with an insane feeling of confidence moving forward and I wanted to share it with all the BlackBerry fanatics out there  just like me. I am going out on a limb here but #BeBold #teamblackberry , this is our year..!