N4BB is just one of many websites apart of the Uber Media Group network. It’s currently the only mobile-specific website. Although we have a technology news aggregator called Technogasm.

But, enough of that. I want to tell you about our latest project. For the past couple of months we have been working on a Reddit and 4Chan alternative.

We’re proud to introduce 2RAWR! The website brings a blend of Reddit, 4Chan, and the community feel of top social networks. Many of the features found in Reddit ‘Gold’ come standard, for free with 2RAWR!

We are huge proponents for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. 2RAWR! simply allows you “to roar” and express yourself. We’ve adopted the iconic RAWЯ dinosaur to be emblematic of our mission. You can share items anonymously or create a free account and take advantage of the many community features.

Without further delay, if you’re interested in checking out our latest project, please visit 2Rawr.com and join today!